Honda: Titan Head Gasket Sealer  This “polymer-based” sealer is formulated to cure only at the head gasket, based on your engine’s unique running  temperatures. All other brands are “silicate-based” and cure in and can clog all areas.  Silicates are not compatible with aluminum and simply crack away as the engine metal expands and contracts. Titan sealers flex with the metals and last up to 5 years. Made Exclusively For: Honda engines
Package Includes:
- (1) 32oz. Custom- Head Gasket Sealer - (1) Power-Shot Sealer Additive Pack - Easy to understand & follow instructions - 30 Day Free Replacement Warranty* - Free Technical Service via Telephone
*Bottles shape/color may vary.
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Hi-Strength Oil Stop-Leak
Hi-Strength Coolant Flush
If your mixing coolant and oil be sure to add a bottle of this Oil Stop-Leak to your order… The Head Gasket Sealer shown
above will seal the coolant-side of the head and this Oil Stop-Leak will seal the affected oil seals on the head gasket. Choose size > 
4Cyl: $64.00
If you have tried any other sealer, remove all water- glass from coolant
system before using our silicate -free Titan Head Gasket Sealer.
6Cyl: $74.00 8Cyl: $84.00
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Cyl: $139.00 Add To Cart 4 Cyl: $149.00 Add To Cart 6 Cyl: n/a Add To Cart 8 TEMP 245 OVERHEAT Call TITAN Now /TM Sales & Tech Dept: 706-400-0897 Customer Service: 706-400-0067 Tech. Help & Service: Mon. - Fri. 9am to 5pm EST. Home     About Us     FAQ’s     Instructions     Terms/Shipping     Reviews
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I tried your sealer in my 2004 Cadillac with the Northstar engine 2 weeks ago. The car is in perfect shape, inside and out except for that dam head gasket. I should know better because this is my fourth Northstar. I could only drive about 7 miles before the engine would overheat. After finishing the repair its been doing fine and running like a charm. This product saved this car from the junkyard cause with a blown head it would have been worthless regardless how nice it looks. Thanks guys!
Mark T. (Verified Purchase)
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I would just like to thank you for making a great product. I own a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager that has been over heating for the last month or so and finally today was the breaking point when the temperature gauge would not return to normal. Just like many other people in this situation we do not have the money to replace a blown head gasket. After doing some searching and researching I came across your product on the internets. Needless to say I was a little skeptical about your product however, that has now changed. I followed the instructions on the bottle of and also replaced the thermostat. I allowed the van to idle for 15 mins or more and I did not see a change. So I decided to take it for a drive and instantly I could tell the difference; then finally after fighting with the heat for weeks now it finally worked. I am going to drive it once again tomorrow to make sure everything is fine before I let my wife drive it but, I am very thankful once again.
johnny3752 (Verified Purchase)
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I installed your turbo diesel head gasket kit in my Chevrolet 2500 diesel engine because I had coolant leaking into the cylinders. It appears to have stopped the leak. I topped off the cooling system with anti-freeze, but I am wondering if I need to put more Head Gasket Fix in the system when it comes time to replace the coolant. Thanks!
Steve M. (Verified Purchase)
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My daughter's 1998 Dodge Intrepid with 129,000 miles on it was having a problem overheating. We took it to a mechanic and was told the radiator needed replacement, as well as the water pump, hoses, but the head gaskets seemed ok. We had the repairs done, to the tune of $1600.00 and two months later the car was overheating again. After two trips to two seperate mechanics we were told the head gasket needed replacing. Well, this car is definetly not worth the price of repair, so after some long research, decided to try your Head Gasket Fix. I had to put the product in the upper radiator hose as this car has no radiator cap, and only about 3/4 of the bottle would go in. I followed the directions and the car's performance improved as well as the overheating problem seems to be solved. It has been only a few days, but everything seems fine so far. I'll comment later after a longer term. Great product!
John S.. (Verified Purchase)
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My 2003 Land Rover smelled like antifreeze and a dealer I took it to said either head gasket replacement around 3000.00 or he could try your Titan Sealer. He did and that was 8 months ago. I am very satisfied and I am going to be ordering your oil stop leak soon. Thanks a lot!
Terry J. (Verified Purchase)
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I bought your Head Gasket Fix my 1997 Cadillac Deville with a 4.6L Northstar engine with 111,000+ miles on it. To make a long story short, it worked. The engine was stuttering or missing 15 seconds on a cold start up or 15 seconds after a warmed up stoppage of the engine and restart. I suspected that antifreeze/coolant was getting into the #1 cylinder due to a defect in the cylinder head gasket. The cylinder head gasket is very difficult to replace on this engine as the transmission has to be removed first. Thanks for such great product.
mickeycool2347 (Verified Purchase)
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I experienced a major intake gasket failure on my Chevy 350 causing the entire contents of the cooling system to empty into the oil pan during a short 5 mile drive to work. The failure was so extensive that the slurry found its way into the cylinders and air cleaner housing as well. Not looking forward to spending a Saturday tearing down the top half of my motor, I instead decided to try your seler. I visited your website to become familiar with your entire product line and choose the chevy 8 cylinder kit for this situation. To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for success due to the seemingly extreme condition I was using the product for. I am very happy to report that a single treatment with the product has sealed the failed areas. The operating temperature is normal, after 3 oil changes the oil is staying clean, and I have not lost any coolant. My advice to anybody considering using your product, is, don't let the $130 price scare you into using a lesser option. Although every situation is unique, this product worked for this situation better than I expected.
Carl E. (Verified Purchase)
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I used your sealer not expecting anything. My mechanic told me that I had an internal and external head gasket leak on my 1996 Toyota 4 Runner and advised me to junk the vehicle. Within 45 minutes of adding your product, the steam out of my tailpipe stopped and the engine compression returned. I am just amazed and so is my mechanic.
Bobby R. (Verified Purchase)
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Thank you for saving my automotive life. Last week I had both of my vehicles in need of your products. My 1991 Toyota Previa van lost its head gasket, antifreeze in the oil and smoking like crazy. I used your head gasket sealer and 60 minutes later I noticed a huge difference. It has been a week and my oil looks like oil and my antifreeze level is perfect and she runs like a champ. My second car is a 2005 Chrysler van which sprung a bad radiator leak. I used your radiator and block sealer and it has no more leak. Thank’s! You saved me from many thousands in repairs or a new car payment.
Mike W. (Verified Purchase)
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I just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your head gasket sealer. I had coolant leaking out of my head gasket and poured your sealer in my radiator and went through the repair processr and the leaked stopped within about 60 minutes after the thermostat opened. I was a bit leary of using a stop leak for fear of clogging up my heater or radiator but so far I have no problem with that. Your sealer appears to have saved me over a grand in repair cost.”
Gary F. (Verified Purchase)
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Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about the head gasket leak in my '2005 chevy v6 and for sending the email on how to eliminate any air bubbles in my cooling system. I installed the head gasket sealer into the radiator per instructions and finished the repair about 2 hours later. The car no longer puffs steam out of the tail pipe, the “low coolant” light does not come on any more and there is no longer a mis-fire. Thanks to your stuff, my van runs great and you saved my ride and saved me a huge repair bill for new head gaskets.
hellobutter2002 (Verified Purchase)
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Just wanted to put in my testimonial after reading countless others on yourproducts. I own a 2002 caddy with the northstar engine, and after having to put AT LEAST a third of a bottle of coolant in EVERY day, it was diagnosed as having either a head gasket leak or a head gasket that was completely blown. 20 ppm of hydrocarbons in the vapor from your coolant tank and you have a bad head gasket, mine read 191! After putting your product in, I haven't had to top off my coolant one single time!
John H. (Verified Purchase)
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I just want to thank you for making such a great product. It helped me fix my blown head gasket on my BMW. My car is no more using a lot of water, the engine is no more skipping and the car is running great now Thanks
Larry H. (Verified Purchase)
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I was having an antifreeze leak on my honda civic with 158K miles on it, and it was determined that the problem was the head gasket. My repair shop said that if they replaced the head gasket, the engine would burn oil, so they wanted to replace the engine for $3000. I put your honda repair kit in and the car has not leaked any antifreeze in more than 5,000 miles. I'm very pleased, to say the least!
Stacy M. (Verified Purchase)
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Wanted to update you. I am at 2,600 miles and going strong. No sign of a leak. I am very pleased to say the least. I have recommended your product to at least 6 or 7 people who are going to try it.
Lisa G. (Verified Purchase)
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I am writing to tell you of my good experience with your titan head sealer. I am pretty skeptical when it comes to additives but I have an 2006 subaru with the 4 cylinder and over a year ago the head gasket started leaking water into cylinder #3, drip, sizzle, drip, sizzle, and blew out water when the spark plug was removed. I was quoted a figure of $1800 to fix it. It has 157,000 miles on it so when I saw your sealer was actually made for my engine I was excited. Well I was ready to sell this thing to a junkyard until I put your stuff in it and it worked! I am not in the habit of endorsing products but this stuff really works! I am a very satisfied customer and highly recommend this product
Frank H. (Verified Purchase)
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I tried your sealer in my 99 Cadillac (Northstar) 3 days ago. The car is in perfect shape, inside and out except for that dam head gasket. After finishing the repair process it been doing fine and running like a charm. This product saved this car from the junkyard. Thanks!
atlan4472. (Verified Purchase)
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I got over $2000 estimate when I asked a local car service for checking the problem with my car that turned out to be leaking in the head gasket. I was about to donate my car or either sell it at any price. But, found your sealer online and gave it a try. It really works!!! Its been 2 months now with no problems.
Linda S. (Verified Purchase)
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*Bottles shape/color may vary. See “Terms & Shipping” for more information on warranty.
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